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The Missing Piece to Your Next Level


$10k+ a month

$10k+ a week

$10k+ a day


Here's the truth...

It doesn't matter which social media platform, strategy, or tactic you use.

If the marketing you're putting out and paying for isn't creating the attraction, interest, desire and sales you want...


You have a messaging problem.


The only way to create demand for your offer is through the way you're communicating the value of it.

The result.

The experience.

The transformation.

Whether it's via an ad, social media, sales page, or an email...

To turn clicks into sales, you need a magnetic message that resonates and clicks with your ideal audience.


This is what I know:

Nothing works without the right messaging.


But when you dial in your messaging...

your premium, ready-to-invest clients (even the silent watchers and first timers) come right to you.

Over and over and over again...

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Is this you?

  • You’re an expert in your craft & help your clients create huge results and major transformation… but feel uncertain about how to create consistent attraction, interest, desire & sales. 
  • You spend a good amount of your time, energy & money creating content… but aren’t quite seeing the conversions you know you should/could be.
  • When people do consume & engage with your marketing content… they often go silent when you make an invitation to take the next step. 
  • You spend too much time talking with people who truly are not the right fit (& are not buying)…and can’t figure out how to attract the RIGHT people with your marketing.
  • You want to raise your prices, but you worry people won’t see the value in the higher price & you don’t know how to communicate the value effectively.
  • Only a tiny percentage of your overall audience is actively engaging & expressing interest, even though you feel like there are ideal clients in your audience…
  • You create quite a bit of content every week and it’s pretty hit or miss. And when it does hit, you’re not exactly sure why
  • You’re not sure how to create messaging that clearly communicates the value of what you’re offering to the right people and leads them to buy from you. (And you know you’d help way more people if you could nail this.)


Several months, several thousands of $$, and lots of efforts later, business owners who keep jumping from trend to trend typically have little to show for it.

That's because they're often missing the absolutely essential piece that makes *everything* else work.


Clear, instantly magnetic messaging.


The ability to communicate what they're offering in such a way that the people who it's meant for *know* that they need it.

You don't need a bigger audience, more offers, or a new niche.


Your next client is probably right in front of you.

Inside your email list.

Inside your Facebook group.

Inside your Instant messenger.

You just need messaging so clear that those who need your offer KNOW that they need it. 

With Instant Magnetic Messaging, you'll have premium, ready-to-invest clients filling your inbox saying:

"You're reading my mind- this is exactly what I need."


More Premium Clients

Inside MPC, I'll give you the immutable, soul-mind-body marketing methods to communicate the value of your offers effectively, create instantly magnetic messaging that brings in the right people, and enrolls more premium clients on repeat.

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The Right Message Will Make You Millions Faster And More Predictably Than Anything Else In Your Business


"Juan Carlos gave me some coaching last night... it literally fried my brain for a minute... Thank you so much. I appreciated it.  I learned a lot because I don't even think that way anymore.  My brain popped for a second..."


Brendon Burchard

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement, Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure in the World, and "The World's Leading High Performance Coach"


Student results vary based on level of experience, years in industry, and where the students are when they join our programs.  Students who already have established businesses with a large client base see bigger results sooner.  Students earlier on in their business typically see results within 3-6 months proportionate to their starting point and implementation.

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When you build a solid foundation, create a chain reaction, and grow an interconnected system, you will improve your ability to attract the right prospects, convert those prospects to happy clients, and deliver your programs at scale.

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