Attract Premium Clients with a Premium Offer

✓  Craft a transactional process

✓  Create a transformational program

✓  Connect a transcendental package

The Impact with Influence philosophy is simple






When you know how to CAPTURE the right ideas, PACKAGE those ideas into valuable programs, and DELIVER your programs at scale, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your coaching business to be the brand you dream of... with significant impact on people's lives.  All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using world-class proven systems and cutting-edge proprietary strategies.


Here at Impact with Influence, we work hard so you don't have to.

1. CAPTURE Your Ideas

Unpack Your Gifts
Define Your Expertise
Collect Your Thoughts


Take and unload all the knowledge, studies, and skills already in your head, as well as the experiences, stories and memories that only lives in your heart.

✓  Focus: location

✓  Direction: bigger

✓  Vision: bolder

  • You just need a way to get that stuff out of your head and into a box.  Some kind of package that people can see, understand, and want.
  • When you capture ideas, you're taking them and you're turning them into three distinct levels.  You state the concept or point, you back it up with the content or proof, and you put your idea into context or picture - so they can see how it fits with what they already know.
Unlock Your Potential
Define like a Creator
Catch Your Insights

2. PACKAGE Your Ideas

Polish Your Gems
Design Your Steps
Build Your Systems


Structure and turn the stuff that you do with people all the time anyway, as well as what is in your head, heart and hands into trainings, courses, products, and programs.

✓  Focus: speed

✓  Direction: better

✓  Vision: brighter

  • You need a way to get those gems hones and polished.  Something that sets you apart from others by the way your stuff looks, feels, and works.
  • When you package those ideas into a product, you're taking the random bag of tricks you've built up over the years and you're turning it into a system.  You're building a sequence of steps people can follow, one after the other, that leads them to the result they need.
Enhance Your Collection
Design like an Artist
Craft Your Insights

3. DELIVER Your Ideas

Share Your Genius
Deliver Your Impact
Leave Your Mark


Give and present the value that you together and created with people globally 24/7 as a coach, facilitator, trainer, mentor, speaker or author.

✓  Focus: depth

✓  Direction: broader

✓  Vision: perpetual

  • You need a way to get that genius deliver broadly and deeply.  Some unique direct and indirect modes of delivery by the way it tells, shows, and asks.
  • When you deliver those ideas like a magician, you're becoming the authority in your topic, the leader expert in your niche.  You ask breakthrough questions as a coach or facilitator, show your genius with visual models/metaphors as a trainer or mentor, and tell your insights with unique studies/stories as a speaker or author.
Share Your Creation
Deliver like a Magician
Give Your Insights

Grow Your Impact and Influence

Capture Insights.  Package Insights.  Deliver Insights.


CLEARLY align your head & heart to CAPTURE insights

Method. Visual. Flood.

Head follows with SPEED.

Be known for transformation.

Pressure to see, look, watch quickly.

Your left brain thinks concrete thoughts, and your conscious mind wants to control and get - compete with balance... your head perceiving MORE INCOME: money, profit, leverage, success, freedom.

Message. Verbal. Flow.

Heart leads with DEPTH.

Be remembered for transcendence.

Presence to sense, hear, listen deeply.

Your right brain feels abstract emotions, and your subconscious mind desires to create and give - contribute with harmony... your heart discerning BETTER IMPACT: meaning, people, legacy, significance, fulfillment.


CONCISELY awake your thoughts & emotions to DELIVER insights

Design Like an Artist

Create a piece of art.  Make history and be part of it.


Is like COOLING DOWN "steam" and turning into "ice"

Ideas are like steam:  You have them, but you can't really see or grab hold of them.  If we take the steam and cool it down a bit, we get water.  We can see water now, but we still can't grab hold of it.  If we cool it down some more, the water turns to ice.  It's three dimensional and solid.  We can see it, and we can pick it up.

That's what we want to do with your ideas.

By cooling what you capture and how you capture it, steam turns into water, and water turns into ice.  In other words,  your transformational IDEAS turn into experiential STEPS, and steps turn into solutions PROGRAM.  That program is the valuable "box" with processes and principles for people. That "box" is your gift to the world, your legacy to humankind.

 Deliver Like a Magician

Contribute a piece of that good to the world.  Leave a mark in history.


Is like HEATING UP "ice" and turning into "steam"

Programs are like ice:  You have them, but you can't really sense or feel emotions of them.  If we take the ice and heat it up a bit, we get water.  We can see water now, but we still can't feel emotions of it.  If we heat it up some more, the water turns to steam.  It's one dimensional and gaseous.  We can feel it, and we can sense it up.

That's what we want to do with your programs.

By heating what you deliver and how you deliver it, ice turns into water, and water turns into steam.  In other words,  your physical PROGRAM turns into intellectual STEPS, and steps turn into emotional IMPACT.  That impact is the "idea" that touches people's heart so deeply that they'll never be the same again. This is your contribution to humanity.

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