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CLIENTS With a Premium Offer

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When you know how to DEFINE the right audience and message, DESIGN the right program and process to satisfy that audience, and DEVELOP your packages at scale, you will have all the tools necessary to grow a successful and significant coaching business to be the one you dream of and deserve.

Grow Online Coaching Business

CLIENTS With A Premium Offer Unfolded.

Here are the 9 projects we'll work on:

  1. Defining the ideal person
  2. Defining their main problem
  3. Defining your big promise
  4. Designing the process, the breadth
  5. Designing the progress, the length
  6. Designing the program, the depth
  7. Developing the package, the insights
  8. Developing the price, the wisdom
  9. Developing the proof, the results

Right now we're looking for 10 coaches...

We're launching a new program this month called 'CLIENTS WITH A PREMIUM OFFER'.  It's everything you need to get clients with a leverage and legacy offer in the next 30 days. 

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