Knowing how you approach leadership makes all the difference to your successful "income" and significant "impact"

Ever wondered how some people generate millions of dollars and impact millions of lives from ideas as good as yours and seem make it look easy.  You can scale your business if you maximize your strengths.

We have put this quiz together to help you understand what your key drive is.  Knowing this will help you understand what your super power is, what you will be able to leverage most and where you might need a bit of help.

Helping clever people be purposeful & profitable smart.


Smart people struggle everyday with profitable success and purposeful impact.


There's no clear roadmap on how to be a significant leader and bring the  impact with influence and income that goes with it - even though you already are an expert in your field.  Our programs are all about helping experts - coaches, trainers, mentors, consultants, facilitators, speakers and authors - get their business model right.

  1. Capture your genius
  2. Package your expertise
  3. Deliver your impact

No matter what field you are in - health, wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, relationships, parenting, negotiation, leadership, marketing, sales, virtually any endeavor, we will equip you with a step by step proven system to build the business you dream of.


Almost all business advice you'll hear is suitable for people who are running an established business (think: team, system, scalable), not an emerging business (think: you,, you doing the delivery).  The strategies and tactics appropriate for growing a successful and significant emerging business aren't necessarily common knowledge.  Lots of clever people struggle to create a consistent operation that meets their aspirations.


Our community is made up of experts running emerging businesses.  Aiming to do good work, make a difference in the world, and get well paid for doing so.  Is that sounds like you, we'd love to help.


We work with people like you to build true significant leaders, taking them from $0/month to $90k/month and beyond.  If we have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants that we continually improve our impact in humanity.  Take the first step to realizing your potential now.

"Juan Carlos gave me some coaching last night... it literally fried my brain for a minute... Thank you so much. I appreciated it. I learned a lot because I don't even think that way anymore. My brain popped for a second..."

Brendon Burchard

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement, Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure in the World, and "The World's Leading High Performance Coach"

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