2 Strategies To Take You From Achievement to Fulfillment!


It is easy to confuse achievement and fulfillment. Achievement can become addicting and can be mistaken for fulfillment. The feeling of accomplishment gives you a natural high but it diminishes over time, leaving you empty inside. Rather than try to figure out the root cause of this empty feeling, people tend to dive right in to their next goal. Many successful people mistake achievement for fulfillment, blurring the lines between them. So how do you distinguish between the two?


2 Ways To Distinguish The Difference:


  1. Achievement without fulfillment will leave you empty. You can achieve and win at everything while losing yourself in achievement without feeling fulfilled. You can reach goal after goal and still never feel like you are finished, or happy. If you never feel satisfied, no matter how many achievements you make, you might be chasing the wrong dream. Or maybe in order to achieve these goals you neglected other parts of your life like family and relationships that you need to help make you feel satisfied with you life.


  1. Fulfillment is more than just achieving a goal. When you are fulfilled, you feel at peace, happy and present in the moment. You can tell the difference between achievement and fulfillment by recollecting moments of fulfillment in your past. How did these moments make you feel inside? Fulfillment makes you feel self-validated. You aren’t reliant on others to make you feel validated, you feel it in your soul.


Once you introspectively look at the difference between these you these two, you will make an impact for yourself and others. You will notice a change in the way you conduct business, impact people, or how you feel inside. You don’t have to be perfect as you follow these two strategies, but you will sow the seeds of opportunity and growth.  Use these strategies to change your life and to make a bigger impact.


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