4 Strategies For Transformation: How to Spark, Sustain, and Amplify Your Growth


The first step in this journey of self-transformation is asking why you want to do this? The answer to this question will be the motivator necessary for you to start your transformation, to seek out a better you. Your why needs to be big enough that it will carry you through the tough times, the times you feel like giving up. If your why is significant enough it will pull you towards your goals naturally. Sometimes there can be a breakdown between setting your goals and achieving them. So how do you begin this journey of transformation?


  1. Be more - What is it that you truly desire? When you do you, you will have more. Represent the choice to be this new you. Represent the choice you want to be. The point is to be a better person so you can do more. When you do more you will be able to give more. Who you are is what you attract. So be smart about who you are trying to become.


  1. Do more - Have something beyond what you already have. Start with you, once you start this transformation of you, step 2 and 3 will align themselves. You need to start with steps 1 and 2. This is very important. Give more of your time by being a mentor, loving someone, being a guide, and helping where you can. Do more for your family, business, health, or community. Understand why you are doing this transformation. Why is it important? What do you expect, and how you expect to grow from this? You must be emotionally invested in your transformation, there is no such thing as part-time self improvement.


  1. You will have more - After following steps 1 and 2, step 3 will fall into place. Don’t forget your motive, this will get you excited and make you hunger for what you desire. You will start to see the new and improved you starting to take shape. This will require attention and effort helping you spark, sustain and amplify your growth.


  1. Give more - Give more of your time, love, and attention to those around you. People that are truly successful and significant give freely. They allow others to learn from their success and benefit from their success.


If you have invested time and effort into carefully selecting your goals then you know in your heart they are right. If things aren’t progressing the way you wanted, change your action steps not your goals. Follow these four steps to sustain, spark, and amplify your transformation and growth. Be the better person you can be!


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