From Success To Significance


When you gain a measure of success it's a great feeling, a great moment in your life. Significance is even deeper and bigger. You want your life to mean something, to be bigger than yourself, significant. How do you get from success to significance? What are some of the strategies you need to get there? What blueprint do you follow?


Significance is within your grasp. First we need to define the two as many people get them confused.


What is the difference between success and significance?


  1. Success: Success Is a more individualized and internal growth. Success is earning your degree, or being able to pay for your kids’ college education. It is the measure of fulfilling a goal you wanted to achieve.


  1. Significance: Significant is more external. How do your actions impact the lives others? It can take the form of educating and empowering others. Being a leader, influencer or mentor for others in a way that changes their lives forever, that is significance. Significance is the legacy you leave behind you and it can live on forever through the lives you’ve touched.


If you want to define significance for yourself, start with journaling. Write down what you want. Define what you want in your journal. Feel it. It's not going to be easy, but you will discover your significance the more you journal. Your thoughts can be misleading so concentrate on your feelings. What you feel matters more than what you think. Your internal voice is often too hard on yourself and journaling can help you recognize and banish negative thoughts and change the way you think and feel.


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