Secrets, Strategies, And Tools To Amplify Your Impact


Do you want to amplify your impact or influence? Making first impressions count is a great beginning step. Sometimes we are thrusted into situations we are not prepared for with little or no time to catch up. We all want to make the best impressions on people. Sometimes we don’t realize how we impact those around us (and in turn, their impact on us). We may view the impact we have on others as inappropriate, too much, or too little. There are ways to fix these impressions to make a better first impression.


Let's say you only have five minutes to prepare for your speech or introduction. You are in a panic, that's not enough time. How do you amplify your impact? Here are three steps you can take that will help you.


  1. Connect with people in an authentic manner. What does this mean, exactly? Be you, your authentic self. What sort of person are you? What are you trying to do that will help others? Find a way to relate yourself to others. We are all not that different. Most people want to succeed whether in business or careers. By being the best of you, you make yourself relatable to most people you are trying to impact. Leave them with the sense that we are in this journey together.


  1. Once you connect with people, you can share your story. Challenge the audience or person to find something relatable or deeper within you. See what you are actually saying. Only you will know what it is you are trying to say. It's rare that you would make zero impact, an unintentional one perhaps. it's not hard to control what others may perceive of you. You need to be conscious on how others perceive you, or you lose control of how you will be perceived.


  1. Lastly, reach people. Connect and share to amplify the impact you make on others. When you drop your guard and let people see the real you, they will naturally be drawn to you. Now is the time to turn your first impression into a deeper connection. People might forget the words you say but they remember the way you make them feel. Sometimes finding a connection with another person requires you to remain silent and let the other person share themselves with you. People like to feel heard and feel important. If you make someone feel significant you will always have their respect.


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