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Lessons Learned From Larry King


Everyone who is successful started somewhere, for example, Larry King was once asked, “How did you start?” He stated that he started with radio and he was painfully shy when he spoke on radio but he loved it, so he continued. “ I went to this radio station and did my first live radio broadcast, I told the audience that this was his first radio broadcast and he was scared.” He was honest with them. He had courage even though he was still afraid. Always remember who you are, be you, be the best version of yourself, not a cheap imitation of someone else. Larry King had passion, he was honest, and true to himself.


Three Ways To Find Your Spark


#1. If you want to achieve more, you need to have that spark, a fire within you. The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. If you believe in yourself, if you know you can do better, you will upgrade your way of thinking. You will not settle for less and you will will try out for bigger things.


#2. One human drive is novelty.  It’s been thought before that novelty is a reward in itself. The brain will reward itself. If we keep up our drive our minds will reward themselves, this will drive us to do more, thus create a drive within each us to create, reach further, succeed more, and accomplish more. Bring novelty into your life.


#3. Lastly align or balance yourself. Create or seek out a way to center yourself. If you think one way but do something else you are not aligned. You will  develop the same rhythm and produce the  most optimal achievements.


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