Consultant vs. Trainer vs. Coach vs. Mentor

What’s the difference between a coach, a mentor, a trainer or a consultant?

Coach = This is WHY you want to do it.                                    I’ve already seen it.

  • Unlock insight and potential!
  • Learn from my questions and exploration
  • “This is WHY to do it.”
  • Seek coaching for exploration and DISCOVERY!
  • Goal as a coach is to generate improvements and make decisions.

  Mentor = This is WHICH + WHEN you want to do it.         I’ve already done it. 

  • Offer guidance and shortcuts!
  • Learn from my path and experience
  • “This is WHICH + WHEN to do it.”
  • Seek mentoring for novelty and CHANGE!
  • Goal as a mentor is to guide and transfer experience.


 Trainer = This is HOW you want to do...

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