Juan Carlos Arzola

Shaping Destinies and Establishing Legacies with Love

At the end of our lives, it's about... finishing well

Juan Carlos Arzola

Soulful Strategic Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Consultant, Author, and Speaker.

Juan Carlos Arzola, trained by the world's best leaders in personal growth and business development, is dedicated to helping you get to the next level of achievement and fulfillment.  When you meet him, you gain the benefit of expertise and experience from more than two decades at the leading-edge of peak performance training, mentoring, consulting and coaching.

Best-selling author of two books - The Success Start and The Big Question, with Larry King.  He also served as executive producer for Larry’s special, The Voice of a Generation. And he has enjoyed moments, including interviewing Jack Canfield in Hollywood, CA and Times Square, NYC, being featured on major TV networks worldwide, sharing a message at the United Nations, and enjoying a private meetings with global leaders including former US President W. George Bush.

With thanks and respect to his mentors, including personal development legends John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Jay Abraham, Dean Graziosi, Mary Morrissey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard, his life’s work has been built on the premise of significance, growth and contribution.


Grateful to be adding value to leaders who multiply value to others...

Transferring wisdom. Transforming lives. Transcending globally.

Final Words

from Juan Carlos Arzola


I don't have all the solutions but I do know this...

The answer to everything is love.


I want you to remember two things:

1. Never forget, who you are.

2. Never forget, what you are trying to accomplish in your life.


I want you to understand when you leave here, this webpage,

when you go back to work...

You will always be presented with something,

presented with negativity...

You don't want to focus on that...

Just remember how special you are...

It's not about what anybody says about you. 

It's not about what you've done or what you did. 

It's not about your past. 

You are special because

you were created to be special!


You are unique

and nobody can be like you...

That journey that you are on...

Guess what?

The path might not be perfect. 

I don't know... nobody's path is perfect! 

But that imperfect path

will lead you to your perfect purpose in your life. 


You keep coming when it gets hard... 

You keep going when you are struggling... 

You keep pushing on

even when nobody is around you...


Because sometimes...

the journey is lonely...

but that doesn't mean is wrong.


I believe in you. 

Every person in your family that knows you

believes in you. 

Now, it's time for you to...

Believe in yourself... 

Even in a higher level...

It's time to take your life

to a higher level, next level. 

What does that look like? 

Feel that for a second...

What does it look like?

What does it feel that? 





Going to the next level...


Not only how much better your life will be...

Just think about the people around you...

They're there for you.

Growth, is accessible to all of us.

You just have to make a decision to go get it.

You know were it starts with?


Thank you for being here


Juan Carlos

P.S. Leave a footprint.  Change the course of history.   If you feel we are similar, apply now here.

A Message of Gratitude

from Juan Carlos Arzola


At an early age I learned to say...
"Thanks for the work."

Without you, yes YOU.

You reading this message right this very moment.
I don't know what I would do...

where I will be now...

Thank YOU for this opportunity to help you make a contribution to a better world...

Thank YOU for allowing me to do my passion, have this job, live my purpose and leave a loving legacy...

Thank YOU for giving me a chance on this...



Thank YOU for being faithful, for trying, for trusting yourself and most importantly...



Thank YOU for valuing yourself and giving yourself another chance. 

Thank YOU for expanding your mind, for opening your heart, and for awakening your soul...


 Well done.


And now...

On behalf of...

YOUR own clients, YOUR own team, YOUR own partners...

YOUR family, YOUR friends and YOUR community...


Thank you for keep pushing yourself, for growing, and for your contribution...

even when you don't have to.

 One day tomorrow,

a year from now,

ten years later, or even

fifty years in the future...


Your family and friends, will indeed THANK YOU for it.


You will hear...

"Because of YOU, I'm a better person..."  someone will say one day.

"Because of what YOU did, my clients made a bigger impact..." someone will echo.

"Because of what YOU started, I finish well and my whole generation is different..." someone else will whisper.


The world will never forget your efforts...

That is...

a life well played...

a life well lived...

a life well loved...

a life that matters.


Always Remember...

I Am Here For YOU.

You Will Accomplish Big Things In Life

We Are On This Together.

Challenge Yourself To Be The Best Person You Can Be.

Always Do What You Love.

Be Remembered for Good.

Make Your Mark On History. 

Leave a Loving Lasting Legacy.


You made a great decision.

Your loved ones will thank you forever.

Thank you for making the world a better place.

Thank you for being here. 

Thank you for being you.

Your friend,


Juan Carlos

P.S. It's your life.  It's your calling.  It's your time.  If you feel we are similar, apply now here.

About Juan Carlos

from Juan Carlos Arzola


Just a regular guy who lives life fully, loves deeply, laughs openly, and challenges himself to make a difference in peoples lives.

A man who wants be remembered as someone who loved people, who lived to give and made a contribution to the world

A man who lives a meaningful life with:

  • Success. Significance.
  • Happiness. Joyfulness.
  • Freedom. Fulfillment.
  • Income. Impact.
  • Prosperity. Peace.

A man who some people describe as:

  • Ambitious. Achiever. Educated.
  • Competent. Confident. Courageous.
  • Compassion. Humble. Generous.
  • Full of Smile. Laughter. Happiness.
  • Humanitarian. Philanthropist.
  • Entrepreneur. Global Visionary.

A loving, kind, caring and grateful spiritual man who is ready, able and willing to share his expertise and experience with you.  And help you on this journey we called life.

Someone who loves people.  A man who loves you, understands you, encourages you, supports you and cares for you.

Together when you join... we'll build a beautiful community filled with love, kindness, generosity, humility, laughter and meaning.  We'll learn and grow.  We'll live life, share love and learn to give.


  • FAITH. Man of God. Church. Christian.
  • FAMILY. Spouse. Children. Pets .
  • FRIENDS. Meetings. Social Activities.
  • FUN. Yatch. Travel around the world.
  • FITNESS. Health. Wellness. Nutrition.



  • Who you ARE is God's gift to you.
  • Who you BECOME is your gift to God.



  • Kindness. compassion. humility.
  • People. hearts. souls.
  • Giving. sharing. serving.
  • Live to give.



  •  PEOPLE over things.
  • TIME over money.
  • NATURE over technology.
  • ORGANIC over artificial.
  • GIVING over getting.
  • ACTIONS over words.
  • SURPRISES over planning.



  • Leaving people better than I find them.
  • Loving people unconditionally.
  • Helping people. Serving others.
  • Sharing moments. Creating memories.
  • Having meaningful conversations about life.



  • For being alive. For Life. Love.
  • For becoming a better man.
  • For believing in the impossible.
  • For belonging to a heart-centered group.
  • For going above and beyond in life.



  • That in the hard, I prayed.
  • That in the hurt, I loved.
  • That in the dark, I lighted.
  • That in the difficulty, I stayed.
  • That in the struggle, I kept standing.
  • I pushed. I persevered.



  • I wish I could have known what I know now... before.
  • I wish I didn't work too hard... before.
  • I wish I spent more time with friends... before.
  • I wish I could have more with actions than in words.



  • As a good husband. a good father.
  • As a good son. a good brother. a good friend.
  • As a good servant. a good contributor leader.
  • As someone who sowed great seeds in others.
  • As someone who left others better than before.
  • As a man who gave above and beyond genuinely...
  • As a man who gave not out of abundance but out of lack...
  • Who made a contribution to the world.
  • Who made a mark in humanity for future generations.




A Life Well Played.

A Life We'll Live.

A Life That Matters.

And Living & Leaving The Largest Legacy Of Light and Love Together.

Being together...

Doing it together... 

Having it together...

Giving it together...


And even...

Becoming together...

Collaborating together... 

Making a difference together...

It is possible.


Would you join us on this beautiful journey?

I'm not perfect but I'll never stop learning.

And finally to you...

Thank YOU.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you.

Whether you chose to contact us back or not...

I want to wish you the best...


And know this...

You will find it...

You keep standing...

Just listen to your heart...

trust your instincts...

and go with your desires.


And when you know...

what you deeply desire...

don't settle.


Your life counts.

You are worthy.

You matter.


You deserve a beautiful life.

 It is possible.

And the world is waiting for you.

With love & gratitude,


Juan Carlos

P.S. A simple decision can change your destiny.  If you feel we are similar, apply now here.

Juan Carlos Arzola


His personal life:

  • Man of Faith
  • Single Father
  • Two Miracles


His professional life:

  • Creator of Legacies
  • Scaler of Coaches
  • Coaching coaches who coaches coaches


His life journey:

  • Student of Life
  • Imperfect Person
  • Healing His Wounds


His gratitude:

  • Grateful to be alive
  • Grateful to live now
  • Grateful to have a Life


His humor:

  • Made in Peru
  • Goal Digger
  • 44 years young


His formal:

  • Altruist
  • Philanthropist
  • Humanitarian


His calling:

  • He is blessed to bless others...
  • Help him help you, help them...
  • He helps people, who help people, help more people...


His past:

  • He suffered physical abuse
  • He suffered emotional abuse
  • He suffered wounds and trauma

You will never hear him brag about how much money he makes.  But he will never shut up about his clients and their wins... and his client's client constant successes as well..

It is the lasting impact that matters.

P.S. If you feel you share the same values, apply now here.

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Please read it slowly to enjoy it...

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To help you transfer your light to the world, your love to humanity and your legacy to this and future generations with fun, freedom and fulfillment... so that humankind evolves.



To help you become a successful and significant leader by helping you create your own custom impactful program so you grow your business, touch your clients, and contribute to the world... with ease.


LEADING IN A CHANGING WORLD - Never stop believing in the power of your ideas, your imagination and your hard work, which can change the world.


NOBODY'S PATH IS PERFECT - Your path might not be perfect, but that imperfect path will lead you to the perfect purpose for your life.


LIFE IS TOO SHORT - Hug a little longer, love a little deeper, forgive a little sooner and smile a little sweeter.


THE WORLD NEEDS YOU - You can't go back and make a new start, but you can start from right now and make a brand new ending.


THERE IS VALUE IN EVERY PERSON - Imagine a world where millions of children are given the chance to learn and grow.


DOING GOOD THINGS - Leaving Your Mark Behind. On Someone. On History. Dare to live until the end.


WINNING A TROPHY - merely collects 5 minutes of pride, but giving 100% and finishing what you started adds up to a lifetime of meaning.

Live simply. Laugh often. Love deeply.

I VALUE HUMILITY ABOVE ALL VIRTUES - If you don't get a miracle, you can become someone else's miracle.

A Life Well Lived.  A Life Well Played.

At the end of your life,  you want to look back and realize that your life was a beautiful journey, that your life had meaning, that your life mattered... and that you loved people, you inspired lives, you touched souls, you created change, you ignited joy...

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,  don't adjust the goals, adjust your action steps."


"You can gain great things from what he teaches"

Mike Perrigew
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur

"I'll go to him for anything that I needed help or support with"

Monica Hershaft
Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Health Practitioner

"He will help your business a lot."

Kristy Dilworth
Entrepreneur and Business Owner

"He studied from the best sources possible."

Fabiana Panetta
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

"That is a super rare quality you have"

Petra Rolander
High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

"I am so thankful for being part of your life."

Andrea Delucia
Financial Advisor

"I was able to find direction and guidance."

Rex Anderson
Attorney, Entrepreneur

"Be the one who nurtures and builds.  Leave people better than you found them."

-Marvin J. Ashton

If Humanity Remembers You For Only One Thing... What Would That Be?

Believe The Impossible

... We Go Beyond. Together.


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