What super high-achieving individuals really want?

Super high-achieving individuals really want a quick result in the simplest form.


Because they are usually on any of these 3 levels of awareness at any given time:

1. DISCIPLINE - focusing on the goal

2. EXPERIENCE - focusing on participation

3. MASTERY - focusing on direction

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How To Deliver Your Coaching Program

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How To Enroll Prospects Into Your Program

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How To Attract Your Clients

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How to grow an online coaching business with ease.

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How to deliver a world class coaching program in 2021.

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How to enroll prospects to your coaching program.

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How to attract constant ideal clients

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Consultant vs. Trainer vs. Coach vs. Mentor

What’s the difference between a coach, a mentor, a trainer or a consultant?

Coach = This is WHY you want to do it.                                    I’ve already seen it.

  • Unlock insight and potential!
  • Learn from my questions and exploration
  • “This is WHY to do it.”
  • Seek coaching for exploration and DISCOVERY!
  • Goal as a coach is to generate improvements and make decisions.

  Mentor = This is WHICH + WHEN you want to do it.         I’ve already done it. 

  • Offer guidance and shortcuts!
  • Learn from my path and experience
  • “This is WHICH + WHEN to do it.”
  • Seek mentoring for novelty and CHANGE!
  • Goal as a mentor is to guide and transfer experience.


 Trainer = This is HOW you want to do...

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Your Mind Wants Achievement But Your Soul Needs Fulfillment

Whether we want to or not, we pass values to our children on a daily basis. As parents we want to teach our children the difference between achievement and fulfillment. So how can we begin this lesson?


For one, we can look at ourselves and see how we value each of these things. Achieving is for you.  You achieved your degree, you achieved a title at work, etc. Fulfillment is doing things for others. Feeding your soul and heart. Fulfilment comes when you have impacted another life with your positivity. It can be through charity, mentoring or simply by being a good friend or partner.


The Bookfair Lesson


We want our kids to know the difference and value of each. For this we seek to teach them valuable moments. My boys are ten and twelve, still young enough to teach them values. One day my ten-year-old needed money for a book fair. I only had two one hundred dollar bills. I gave him one bill. I didn’t really tell him what to do or what not to do. By doing...

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