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Lessons Learned From Larry King


Everyone who is successful started somewhere, for example, Larry King was once asked, “How did you start?” He stated that he started with radio and he was painfully shy when he spoke on radio but he loved it, so he continued. “ I went to this radio station and did my first live radio broadcast, I told the audience that this was his first radio broadcast and he was scared.” He was honest with them. He had courage even though he was still afraid. Always remember who you are, be you, be the best version of yourself, not a cheap imitation of someone else. Larry King had passion, he was honest, and true to himself.


Three Ways To Find Your Spark


#1. If you want to achieve more, you need to have that spark, a fire within you. The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. If you believe in yourself, if you know you can do better, you will upgrade your way of thinking. You will not settle for less...

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If I Could Start In Business All Over


Starting your own business, or trying to write your own book, we get caught up with doing and working; we forget our other relationships, health, and friendships.


It might be best to foster relationships in the same environment you are trying to start with. You gain insight, knowledge, and collaboration with people who are already successful in the field or market you are trying to grow in. This collaboration helps you grow faster.


It Is Better To Give Than To Receive


Focus on giving more than receiving. Grow seeds of friendships and relationships. By this I mean give more of your time to help others, share information, foster a community of collaborators and mentors. This will make any venue you start easier to conquer.


Starting off we learn so  much information and try to retain most of it. Instead of keeping it, we should share our knowledge with others. Focus on being a better person, doing more for others, instead of doing for yourself only....

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4 Strategies For Transformation: How to Spark, Sustain, and Amplify Your Growth


The first step in this journey of self-transformation is asking why you want to do this? The answer to this question will be the motivator necessary for you to start your transformation, to seek out a better you. Your why needs to be big enough that it will carry you through the tough times, the times you feel like giving up. If your why is significant enough it will pull you towards your goals naturally. Sometimes there can be a breakdown between setting your goals and achieving them. So how do you begin this journey of transformation?


  1. Be more - What is it that you truly desire? When you do you, you will have more. Represent the choice to be this new you. Represent the choice you want to be. The point is to be a better person so you can do more. When you do more you will be able to give more. Who you are is what you attract. So be smart about who you are trying to become.


  1. Do more - Have something beyond what you already have. Start with you, once you start this...
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Secrets, Strategies, And Tools To Amplify Your Impact


Do you want to amplify your impact or influence? Making first impressions count is a great beginning step. Sometimes we are thrusted into situations we are not prepared for with little or no time to catch up. We all want to make the best impressions on people. Sometimes we don’t realize how we impact those around us (and in turn, their impact on us). We may view the impact we have on others as inappropriate, too much, or too little. There are ways to fix these impressions to make a better first impression.


Let's say you only have five minutes to prepare for your speech or introduction. You are in a panic, that's not enough time. How do you amplify your impact? Here are three steps you can take that will help you.


  1. Connect with people in an authentic manner. What does this mean, exactly? Be you, your authentic self. What sort of person are you? What are you trying to do that will help others? Find a way to relate yourself to others. We are all not that different....
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4 Strategies to Achieve More. How to do it better and faster.


Setting your goals is one thing, taking action to achieve them is another. To achieve your goals can seem difficult, even daunting. Where do you begin? What should you do? How do I do it better? Here are four strategies for achieving your goals.


  1. Eliminate - Eliminate things you don’t need. Things that are broke, old, and not functioning properly. Cast these aside and you will save money, effort, and time. This can be physical objects or intangibles. Trying to hold on to everything creates physical and emotional clutter.


  1. Simplify - Create a process to streamline what you are doing. Find ways to make this process simpler and more effective. Break down your goal into small actional steps and write them down. Turn small changes into habits over time by tracking them.


  1. Automate - Automate whatever you create. It doesn’t have to be a huge system just a small one to help you save, time, effort, and money. Look for the items in your process that are...
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From Success To Significance


When you gain a measure of success it's a great feeling, a great moment in your life. Significance is even deeper and bigger. You want your life to mean something, to be bigger than yourself, significant. How do you get from success to significance? What are some of the strategies you need to get there? What blueprint do you follow?


Significance is within your grasp. First we need to define the two as many people get them confused.


What is the difference between success and significance?


  1. Success: Success Is a more individualized and internal growth. Success is earning your degree, or being able to pay for your kids’ college education. It is the measure of fulfilling a goal you wanted to achieve.


  1. Significance: Significant is more external. How do your actions impact the lives others? It can take the form of educating and empowering others. Being a leader, influencer or mentor for others in a way that changes their lives forever, that is...
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2 Strategies To Take You From Achievement to Fulfillment!


It is easy to confuse achievement and fulfillment. Achievement can become addicting and can be mistaken for fulfillment. The feeling of accomplishment gives you a natural high but it diminishes over time, leaving you empty inside. Rather than try to figure out the root cause of this empty feeling, people tend to dive right in to their next goal. Many successful people mistake achievement for fulfillment, blurring the lines between them. So how do you distinguish between the two?


2 Ways To Distinguish The Difference:


  1. Achievement without fulfillment will leave you empty. You can achieve and win at everything while losing yourself in achievement without feeling fulfilled. You can reach goal after goal and still never feel like you are finished, or happy. If you never feel satisfied, no matter how many achievements you make, you might be chasing the wrong dream. Or maybe in order to achieve these goals you neglected other parts of your life like family and relationships...
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4 secrets to help you achieve your goals in 2019!


Do you have amazing goals for this year? Sometimes we make goals for ourselves but we don’t fully know how to achieve them. In order to arrive at success we are going to change the way you view achieving your goals in 2019.


Here are four ways to achieve your dreams:


  1. Level of awareness: Be fully aware of what you truly want. Be present. Be conscious. Be aware of the actions you are taking to achieve your goals. Take time to meditate and get in touch with how you are feeling.


  1. Believe: Believe in your goals and dreams. Believe that you are capable of getting results. Your mind is a very powerful influencer, if you think success is possible, it becomes possible. If you let negative thoughts control you, it become more difficult to get what you want.


  1. Actions: Look deeper into your actions and habits. What are the actions or behaviours you are taking when working on your goals? Are your actions undermining your journey or helping you achieve your end...
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How Extraordinary People Become That Way?


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Juan Carlos Arzola at the United Nations Headquarters in NY


Juan Carlos Arzola, Certified High Performance Coach™, Trainer and Mentor at the Global Entrepreneur Initiative in United Nations headquarters.  

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